Crew Tips ~ How to Shine a Light on Your Top Performers

by Crew, on June 12, 2018

Crew’s simple-to-use app centralizes communications for frontline teams in a variety of ways. So, to help Crew admins, managers and teams get the most from our service, we’ll be highlighting a handy product tip each month. In a recent survey of our users, 73% say that Crew helps them increase motivation, and one key way they achieve this result is by showing appreciation for employees on a regular basis. For today’s post, let’s dive into how to surface and recognize the hard work of your top-performing team members, and what will ultimately inspire them to strive even harder during each and every shift.

Many frontline leaders use Crew’s Gold Stars to encourage and retain their staff. It’s a fun way to reward employees for a job well done and call out a team member’s great work for everyone else to appreciate. For example, we’ve seen teams reward someone for stepping up to a leadership challenge, or for being mentioned in a positive customer review.

There are just 3 easy steps to awarding gold stars in Crew:

  1. From the Coworkers screen, tap on the employee’s profile photo
  2. Choose “Award”
  3. If necessary, select the appropriate organization

    Everyone in the group will see that someone’s been rewarded, and the gold star will show up on that person’s profile page, like this:

    Of note, the admin who set up your organization on Crew may have received a stock of gold stars when they signed up for the app (and Crew Pro members receive 25 free gold stars per admin/per month). But if the team needs more, they’re easy to purchase—just $.99 for ten stars. What’s great is that any team member can give their co-worker a gold star, as long as their settings screen shows that they have stars to give.

    Crew also features a gold star leaderboard to encourage healthy competition and help you motivate employees to give just that little bit more. Everyone on the team can access the leaderboard from their Coworkers tab to see how many stars they’ve received and view their rank.

    Just tap on the red banner at the top of the Coworkers tab to see your own current, prior month, or all time gold star rankings, as well as a list of top-ranking team members.

    We love discovering new ways frontline teams are leveraging these fun tools to further incentivize excellent work. Managers often give prizes such as gift cards for their top Gold Star earners at the end of every month, and treat their leaderboard as a virtual “wall of fame.” With Crew, managers and even co-workers can add employees to the wall any time they achieve something memorable, simply by giving them a gold star.

    Getting this kind of recognition in front of all of your coworkers is an entirely different experience than just receiving a handshake and a plaque in private, because everyone sees and appreciates your contributions.

    Leaders who show appreciation to their employees more often create a warm, friendly company culture where people love coming to work. And that makes a difference to the bottom line. When someone feels like a valued member of a team, their productivity and performance skyrockets, and they’re far more likely to stay with the company.
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