Share and save more with enterprise files in Crew Command Center

by Nijil Kuruvilla, on October 1, 2019

We’re always looking for ways to enrich the Crew experience for corporate and regional leaders, so today we’re pleased to share the latest addition to Crew Command Center. Enterprise Files is a new area that gives Crew administrators more options for sharing documents, photos, videos, forms, and more. With Enterprise Files, it’s never been easier to distribute materials across stores:

As you can see, the new Files tab in your Command Center provides a single place to store and share documents that are relevant to all (or a subset) of your stores (also known as organizations in Crew). This could include things like employee handbooks, benefits open enrollment forms, training documents, procedure instructions, limited time offer details, etc.

Even better, the new feature offers more controls over which organizations or groups of organizations have permissions to view individual files:

This means you no longer have to rely on the managers of each organization to share your corporate files, and you can rest assured that new employees will instantly have the information they need at their fingertips:

Your staff simply accesses Team Files from the inbox entry in their Chats tab as they always have, and they’ll see the most current documents you’ve shared (but not any outdated files you’ve removed).

We hope you’ll try it out and give us your feedback on this latest update. Tweet us and let us know what you think!

Topics:Employee EngagementInternal Communications