Webinar Recap: Building a Recognition Culture

by Stefanie Krieger, on July 11, 2020


Yesterday, we hosted a webinar, Building a Recognition Culture, the second edition of our Mastering Crew Enterprise webinar series. In this second edition of the series, we dug into the incredible impact a defined recognition program can have on your organization, and how to accomplish this using Command Center

Did you know that 65% employees report that they have not received any form of recognition in the last year? And that a further 69% feel demotivated by this fact? 

On the flip side of that research, 69% report that they would work harder if they felt their work was recognized, and 41% of companies who have created peer-to-peer recognition programs see an increase in customer satisfaction - in other words, a direct impact on their bottom line.

At the top of the webinar, we launched a poll, asking attendees to rank the effectiveness of their own employee recognition programs. 38% reported that they only find theirs to be ‘slightly effective’ and 13% admitted that they don’t have a program in place at the moment. With everything going on amidst the COVID-19 crisis, it can feel like implementing a recognition program is not high on the priority list. But as we dug into the research, it’s clear that it’s never been more important. 

Crew customer Tacala (the largest franchisee of Taco Bell), joined the call to talk about how they use Announcements beyond company-wide broadcasts to publicly recognize the efforts and hard work of their team members. 

For more insights on best practices and to learn exactly how to use Command Center to build out a robust and impactful recognition program, check out the replay of our second Mastering Crew Enterprise webinar, Building a Recognition Culture

Designed as a deep dive into Crew’s advanced employee productivity product and feature-set for large, distributed teams, our Mastering Crew Enterprise series gives you best practices and tactical steps to get the most out of your organization’s usage of Crew. In case you missed our first MCE webinar, check out the replay to learn more about Urgent Frontline Communications.

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