Mastering Crew Enterprise: New webinar series from Crew

by Stefanie Krieger, on May 29, 2020

Yesterday, we launched a new product webinar series called ‘Mastering Crew Enterprise’, designed to be a deep dive into Crew’s advanced employee productivity product and feature-set for large, distributed teams. We kicked off our series with a focus on key features that are especially useful for urgent frontline communications during a crisis.

Since COVID-19 has transformed the way the world works, frontline communication has rapidly accelerated in response to COVID-19. We’ve noticed a significant spike in Crew usage, particularly in the number of top-down announcements, indicating an increased desire from leaders to distribute important information to their team in real-time.

Read on for the four key Crew Enterprise features we focused on:

  1. Announcements - this feature lets Crew Admins send messages including text, PDFs, images and videos to all employees. Not only are you able to keep track of who has read the message, but you can request that employees acknowledge that they’ve received the message. Whether in the midst of a crisis or not, Announcements lets you get critical information out in real-time to your frontline.

    To learn more about crafting crisis communications that are both flexible and impactful, check out our interactive planning workbook that will walk you through how to facilitate effective communication between managers and employees.
  2. Files - this feature gives you and your team a centralized repository of all necessary information that you need to share, whether that’s HR documents for benefits, or important health and safety information during the COVID-19 crisis. Any documents that you upload into Files are then available for all employees within the Crew app, making it easy to access the information your employees need to do their jobs well and take care of themselves.
  3. Shared Groups - a Shared Group allows people from across your Enterprise to communicate with each other, without necessarily being in the same Organization. While there are many applications during ‘normal’ times, a great use of Shared Groups during an emergency scenario is to create a Shared Group for your crisis task force. This allows everyone on the crisis response team to have a place to come together, share information, decide on next steps and stay on the same page.
  4. Integrations - finally, we focused on Crew’s integrations, specifically our recent integration with Slack. Crew integrates with Slack to better connect frontline teams and office employees. Announcements, mentioned above, can be sent ‘top-down’ from Slack into Crew, or teams can set up two-way messaging between Slack and Crew to better coordinate between frontline and home office teams.

    Read up on the other tools and systems that Crew seamlessly integrates with on our website.

    Check out the replay of our first Mastering Crew Enterprise webinar, Urgent Frontline Communications, to learn more and see these features in action!
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