Spotlight on Harps Foods: How Crew brings 90+ stores all together

by Sean Oliver, on November 12, 2019

One of our all-time favorite Crew customers is Harps Foods, an employee-owned grocery chain that now uses Crew to engage and retain more than 4,500 team members across 91 supermarkets. The business continues to impress us as its leaders extend the ways they leverage Crew to help improve staffing, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Recently, we had a chance to visit a few sites around Harps’ corporate headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, where we got to chat with several executives, department managers, shift leaders, and frontline team members about how they use Crew in their daily work.

Check out this video to hear from Frank Ray, Harps’ vice president of human resources, Brian Zamzow, district manager, and several others about how Crew’s shift coverage saves the day for managers, how the app’s messaging features help improve frontline engagement, and how Crew Command Center shows above-store leaders what’s happening across the organization.


Thanks to Frank and the entire Harps team for welcoming us to their stores and showing us the benefits of Crew in action. Learn more in their customer story here, or read our full Q&A with Frank.


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