Visit Crew at KronosWorks 2019

by Sean Oliver, on November 6, 2019

Today, we were pleased to announce that Crew joined the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network, a fast-growing ecosystem for organizations using Workforce Dimensions and the Kronos D5 platform for workforce management. If you’re attending KronosWorks 2019 next week at the ARIA in Las Vegas, come by the Expo Hall and visit our Crew booth. We’ll be showcasing the brand new integration between Workforce Dimensions and our messaging and scheduling platform for frontline teams.

Sign up for a demo (Booth #634)

Crew now integrates seamlessly with Workforce Dimensions to empower employees to complete important workforce management tasks in the Crew app, where frontline employees already manage the majority of their work day, including:

  • Syncing employee schedules from Workforce Dimensions, giving every frontline employee mobile access to an up-to-date schedule
  • Simplifying shift swapping via Crew in order to improve overall staffing levels
  • Syncing employee rosters automatically from Workforce Dimensions, which enables seamless employee onboarding and aligns communications with existing business structures and hierarchies
Customers who publish their schedules in Workforce Dimensions will have the ability to instantly push those out to their teams via Crew. Plus, Crew will send employees a reminder two hours before their shift starts. And when employees are added or removed from Kronos Workforce Dimensions, they are automatically added/removed from the right teams in the Crew app as well.

This integration is one more example of how Crew can plug seamlessly into your existing technology stack. By syncing Crew with scheduling and labor management software like Workforce Dimensions, enterprises can maximize labor efficiency, cover shifts faster, and save manager time. For more, read our full press release on the partnership.