COVID Crew Tips: How do I use Shared Groups?

by Samuel Rutka, on June 24, 2020

Welcome back to Crew Tips, a series that gives you best practices and simple steps for making the most out of your Crew app, on both Android and iOS - now with a focus on how to be even more effective and efficient during the COVID-19 crisis. In our last installment, we went over how to find shift cover and pick up extra shifts.

Today, we’re digging into how to use Shared Groups on Command Center. In the first installment of our product webinar series, ‘Mastering Crew Enterprise’, we talked about how Shared Groups can be used during a crisis to create a task force, giving everyone on the crisis response team to have a place to come together, share information, decide on next steps and stay on the same page.

A Shared Group allows people from across your Enterprise to communicate with each other, without necessarily being in the same Organization (learn more about the distinction between Organizations and Groups in Crew Tips here). A Group that consists of all the organizations' managers is one good example. A Shared Group conversation that facilitates cross-organizational shift covers is one use case that could be highly effective.

These Shared Groups are owned at the Enterprise level, and must be created, named and edited in Command Center. Enterprise Admins and Users with the appropriate permissions can:

  • Create Shared Groups
  • Search for and add employees to Shared Groups
  • Edit and/or delete Shared Groups

As an Enterprise Admin, you can create a Shared Group in five easy steps:

  1. Click "Shared Groups" from the Command Center menu
  2. Click the "Create New Group" button
  3. Name the Group
  4. Add Group members by searching for and selecting them
  5. Click "Save"
To get more detail on how Crew can help with urgent frontline communications during a crisis, you can download the webinar replay here.

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