Our commitment to you during COVID-19

by Broc Miramontes, on March 18, 2020

It's no exaggeration to say that the spread of COVID-19 has radically changed what life looks for individuals and businesses around the world. At Crew, we spend our days thinking about the individuals and businesses that we serve: restaurants, retailers, healthcare providers, and transportation services. These organizations and the vast frontline workforces they employ spend their days serving billions of people around the world, and it is these organizations that are acutely impacted by this outbreak.
Our commitment has always been to connect workers at all levels to the information that they need to do their best work, a commitment that is even more essential in times like this. Indeed, according to a Edelman Trust Barometer survey, most people (63%) say they are looking for daily updates from their employers about the virus. It’s in these times of uncertainty that clear and proactive communication is most important.
That’s why we’re making some changes to how we operate to better fulfill our commitment:
One-Day Onboarding
The situation surrounding COVID-19 is evolving rapidly. Policies and guidelines to support containment are being adjusted and readjusted on a constant basis. Since the outbreak began, businesses — from nursing homes to restaurants, fire stations to military bases — have quickly rolled out Crew to support continuous, real-time information sharing when every minute counts.
To that end, we are launching a streamlined onboarding process that can enable any business, regardless of size, to get started with Crew in just 24 hours. As always, our Customer Success team will be fully available to provide guidance and assistance as needed.
Stability & Performance
The volume of activity on Crew has more than doubled just in the past week, as organizations have reacted to the evolving situation, pushed critical updates to team members, and sought to ensure everyone was aware of the latest information.
We always take performance seriously, but now more than ever, organizations need a platform upon which they can rely. To ensure we keep this promise to you, we have implemented new processes and improvements to ensure we are prepared to handle these spikes in activity.
Best Practice Sharing
Over 35,000 businesses rely upon Crew for their day-to-day communications. These businesses cross almost every sector and vertical, providing an extremely valuable diversity of experience from which to learn. Technology is the tool, and part of our commitment to customers lies in ensuring they have the insights and guidance they need to use it most effectively.
We recently shared an in-depth article summarizing the most important tactics for frontline communication during emergency situations. We also spoke with Alex Budak, a lecturer on communications at the University of California, Berkeley, who shared his expert perspective on how organizations should think about frontline communication in these uncertain times.
As of this writing, we are curating real, actionable examples of how some of most active customers have learned to leverage frontline technology during this outbreak. We’ll continue to share these resources as soon as they become available.
Waived Fees for Healthcare Institutions
In an effort to help those directly dealing with COVID-19, we are waiving fees for all healthcare institutions for the length of the crisis. We also recognize that the immediate future is uncertain for many businesses, and we will continue to make every effort to accommodate our customers and be good business partners.
Support for Frontline Teams
The most important part of our commitment is that which we make to the frontline teams working in our application every day to get their jobs done. To this end, our customer support team will continue to be available for help or resources from the ‘Crew Support’ channel in the Crew app.
We are making every effort we can to provide the best possible guidance and support for users impacted by COVID-19:
  • If you're a current customer, you can always contact us via the Help Center or the 'Crew Support' chat in the Crew app.
  • If you're interested in learning more, contact our team to get started today.
It is our deepest honor and privilege to partner with you as we navigate these uncertain times. Together, we will get through this.
Stay well,
Broc Miramontes
CEO, Crew