Crew update brings new features for improved communications and more

by Evan Purcell, on May 1, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, we are working hard at Crew to keep improving our products to ensure that you and your teams can stay in real-time and efficient communication. With that in mind, we wanted to give you a look at the new features you can look forward to from this month’s update. Check out our product webinar replay to see these features in action, too!
Refreshed Command Center UI
We’ve been working to make the Command Center simple and beautiful. With today’s update, you can see a much more spacious layout that simplifies navigation. The sidebar is now organized to put the most critical metrics first, helping you to get in and out more easily with the information you need.
It’s more important than ever to make sure that everyone across your organization and locations are on the same page. With this new ‘Acknowledgement’ functionality, Command Center admins are able to easily request an active confirmation from anyone receiving an Announcement that they’ve sent out.
This feature gives you clear confirmation that your employees are actively reading critical information that you’re sending -- which in turn means that you have peace of mind that everyone is aware of and aligned around the same goals.
We have also built reporting for this feature directly into Command Center that allows you to see detailed read receipts at the organization and user level, giving you an instant overview of how your communications are being received.
Replies - note: this feature will be rolled out throughout Q2, stay tuned!
This new feature lets employees reply directly to messages, meaning that context isn’t lost regardless of when people may reply to a message.
Updated Gold Star - note: this featured is currently in limited release
We’re making Gold Stars more customizable than ever, making it easy to set specific reasons for Gold Stars, allowing you to align with your own internal recognition programs. You’ll also be able to customize the badges on Gold Stars with your own branding/imagery!
To see these features in action, check out our webinar replay with an interactive demo: “What’s new at Crew”. To stay up to date on Crew’s resources for COVID-19, please visit our blog as well as our Emergency Communications training.
Be sure to update your app in the Apple Store or on Google Play to access these latest improvements, and stay tuned for more enhancements to our solutions in the months to come.
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