What Is “Shift Manager”?

Create and manage shifts directly in Crew

Take advantage of Crew’s time-saving tools to manage employee shifts and schedules, and to set meetings. Shift Manager lets you move beyond a static photo schedule to create a complete shift schedule in Crew. And unlike other shift scheduling services, Crew’s Shift Manager is free, and also completely accessible through your mobile device. (For details see How to Use Shift Manager.)

Photo schedule on its own
Photo schedule with Shift Manager

Schedules change, shifts needed to be added or traded, meetings crop up on your calendar, and Shift Manager can help you, and all your team members, stay on top of those changes. Cut down on missed shifts by making sure your employees know where they need to be and when.

With Shift Manager, Admins and team members can

Some of the options available with Shift Manager
 And of course your photo schedule can still be used during a transition to Shift Manager. Or a photo schedule can be your starting point—many organizations already have a scheduling system in place. Then, when changes are needed you can use Shift Manager to track them, instead of rebuilding your schedule from scratch. Whatever method you choose, Crew’s Shift Manager can simplify your scheduling responsibilities.

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