How to Update Your Phone Number

Are you using Crew with your team and recently got a new phone number? With your new number, you have a couple of options to quickly resume communications with your team:

  • Start Fresh You can start using your new profile through your new number right away. Have someone from your team invite your new number to the organization. Then, you can log into the Crew app and communicate with your team!
  • Transfer Your Profile Crew Support can link your new phone number to your original profile so you don’t lose any conversations or shifts. To do this, log into the Crew app with your new phone number, followed by the PIN that’s sent to you. Then, send Crew Support a message requesting the update, including your old and new phone numbers. Crew Support can be reached directly through the app or by email at

Note If you have a new phone but the same phone number, you can access your existing profile by simply downloading the Crew app and logging in.

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