Sneak Peek: New Crew features on Apple devices

by Adam Lickel, on September 9, 2019

Many industry watchers are eagerly anticipating Apple’s upcoming release of iOS 13, along with the new iPadOS (previewed this summer), and macOS Catalina (coming to Macs this fall). At Crew, we can’t help but geek out over the latest and greatest from our friends in Cupertino. In anticipation of their next product launch event slated for next week, we wanted to provide a quick preview of what we've been doing to make sure Crew takes full advantage of Apple’s exciting new capabilities for developers.

Not only are we preparing to launch some cool new features for the Crew app on your iPhones and iPads (see below), we’re also working on a brand new Crew desktop app for those of you with Macs. You’ll be able to download this once Apple releases Catalina, but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse to whet your appetite:

Our new Mac app will make it even easier to keep up with all the conversations across your organization(s). In addition, you'll be able to manage all the details of your teams' schedules directly from your desktop:

Much of the interface and functionality from this upcoming Mac app will be available even sooner on your iPhone or iPad. The three updates we’re most excited about for those devices are:

Drawing & Annotating
Using Apple’s new drawing interface for iPhones and iPads, you can now mark up images or documents in Crew’s team files and chat views — with an Apple pencil or simply your finger. Crew also lets you annotate your store’s pdf reports or photos with overlaying text, so you can quickly draw your team's attention to the most important information you want them to see.

Context Menus
In addition, we’re rolling out handy new context menus, so you can do more with fewer taps. Right click or long press in various places on Crew and a rich context menu will pop up to show you what actions are available from whichever screen you’re looking at in that moment. For example, you might want to rename or delete a file; archive, mute, copy, or save a chat; or call, message, or block a coworker.

Multi-window Support
Have you ever found yourself jumping back and forth between different pages in your Crew app? Our new multi-window support means you’ll need fewer clicks to get from your schedule, to private messages, to announcements across organizations. Now, you can save your spot when multitasking and even have two instances of Crew open side-by-side in your iPad or Mac’s “split view.”

Crew will also support Apple’s native “dark mode” across all devices to make those screens easier on your eyes when you’re checking your upcoming shifts or chatting with teammates from low-light settings. Stay tuned for these new features and more in upcoming Crew releases.

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