Three ways Crew Email improves your team communication

by Nicky Budd-Thanos, on October 12, 2020

Last week, we hosted a What’s New with Crew webinar to give a deep dive into the newest product features, including Crew Email, Automatic Inline Translations and more. While you can learn more about what these features look like and see them in action in a live demo on the webinar replay, today we wanted to dig into three key ways Crew Email improves your team’s internal communications

Unify communications

With Crew Email, each team member gets their own unique email address, without any reqreuiments for Office 365 or other email licenses. This allows you to give your employees a single place to receive all important information - whether that’s documents about benefits, important guidelines for operations during COVID-19, updates on schedules, etc.  

Kill the cascade

Too often, internal communications has drawn time and resources from managers and other leaders to get the message out in a ‘top-down’ approach. With Crew Email, managers get that extremely valuable time back to focus on much more pressing matters. This also eliminates the need to aggregate information from various different systems, ensuring the integrity of the message and its delivery. 

Digital > Analog

At Crew, we believe that replacing all analog systems with digital approaches  improves all aspects of a business’ operations. Being able to implement access to email across your distributed workforce gives your team members a universal workflow, connecting the critical information shared on Crew to other software systems you’re already using. Relying on paper-based or analog processes - for example, a bulletin board requiring in-person interaction to deliver information - hurts productivity and almost certainly guarantees gaps in communication across your team.

Interested to learn more? Check out the replay of What’s New with Crew: October 2020 to see Crew Email and more in action, and always feel free to reach out for a personalized demo!

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