Ultimate Software’s UltiPro Integration: Sync Employee Roster to Crew


Crew now integrates with UltiPro by Ultimate Software. Crew’s UltiPro integration helps ensure that your employee roster is kept up to date in the Crew app. When employees are added or removed from your UltiPro account, they will automatically be invited to or removed from your Crew organization. This integration is available to organizations using Crew Enterprise

Note This is a one-way integration from UltiPro to Crew. Adding or removing employees from Crew will not add or remove them from UltiPro.

Step 1—UltiPro Setup

(a) Create a Web Services User

First, you will need to create a Web service user in your UltiPro account.

  1. Go to Menu > System Configuration > Service Account Administration
  2. Click Add (+)  
  3. Create a new user with any username, password and email (remember these for later)
  4. Provide the required permissions by clicking the checkbox for the View permission for the following rows
    1. Company Configuration Integration
    2. Employee Export
  5. Once completed, click Save (the page should look like the one below)

    Your completed page should look like this

(b) Copy Your Customer API Key

  1. Click on Web Services along the top header
  2. Find the Customer API Key and copy/take note of that value

Step 2—Enabling the Integration

The integration can be enabled for

  • A single Crew organization
  • The entire enterprise account (for Crew Enterprise customers)

For a Single Organization

  1. Go to the Crew Admin tab
  2. Click “View all add-ons” and scroll down to UltiPro
  3. Click “Add.” This will prompt you to enter your UltiPro credentials
    1. Username (created in Step 1a)
    2. Password (created in Step 1a)
    3. Customer API Key (from Step 1b)

For an Enterprise Account

  1. Go to your Command Center
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Click “Add.” This will prompt you to enter your UltiPro credentials
    1. Username (created in Step 1a)
    2. Password (created in Step 1a)
    3. Customer API Key (from Step 1b)

Once enabled, the integration will start syncing employee records from UltiPro to Crew. The initial sync will happen immediately upon enabling the integration, and then subsequently every 30 to 60 minutes. Some records may require further action by the Crew Admin once they are synced, as described in Step 3 below.

Step 3—Reconciling Organizations and Employees

Needs Action: Reconcile Organizations (Enterprise Users Only)

You will first need to associate each of your UltiPro locations with a Crew organization. In Command Center, click on the Needs Action tab in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

In this section you’ll see a list of your UltiPro locations that need to be associated with Crew organizations. For each UltiPro location choose the corresponding Crew organization from the dropdown menu.

Needs Action: Reconcile Employees (All Users)

Any employee records that do not have a phone number associated with them in UltiPro will be sent to organization Admins under a Needs Action heading. Admins can then

  • Enter a phone number for that user to add them to the Crew organization (or merge that record with any existing user in the Crew organization)
  • Ignore that UltiPro user record

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