The Art of the Nudge

Sometimes when you send out a message it’s crucial to get a response from the recipient/s, or at least to know that your message has been read. Of course you could always drop a hint by sending the message again (“Read me this time—I’m important!”) But there’s another, faster, way to remind the recipient that you’ve sent them something that requires their attention—the Nudge.

  1. Tap the recipient’s profile photo in your Coworkers screen or within a chat
  2. Choose the “Nudge” option
  3. If necessary, select the appropriate organization
Here’s how to nudge a coworker

The recipient will get a Notification, nudging them to reply to your message. They can tap on the Nudge icon to respond, or even nudge you back! 

Respond to a Nudge through the Notification

And if you missed the nudge, you can always find it in your Notifications list later. 

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