Navigating the Calendar Tab

A busy schedule can be challenging to manage when you have lots of shifts, meetings, and team members to juggle. But a quick visual scan of your Calendar tab highlights just the elements you need. Crew’s Schedule, Shift, and Meeting features keep your team running smoothly; the Calendar tab is your key to running those features just as smoothly.

Note Shift Manager, Shift Cover, and Meetings must be added in the Admin tab to initiate those features. Additionally, Shift Manager and Shift Cover must be toggled on through the Admin tab under “Crew Schedule,” or from the Settings wheel at the top of the Calendar tab. Thereafter those features can also be managed via the Admin tab or the Calendar Settings wheel. If you don’t see the features you’re looking for, make sure they have been added and toggled on.

Add Calendar features from the Admin tab
Toggle on Calendar features under “Crew Schedule”

See Who’s Working, and When

Color coding, large text, and team photos in all the Calendar views can be read at a glance, allowing you to easily see who is working, and when.

Know When Action Is Needed

The Calendar tab makes it clear when Admins need to take action on pending items—such as cover approvals and time-off requests—ensuring that work gets done faster and nothing is lost in the shuffle.

Get Filtered Views

  • Team Allows everyone to view the complete team schedule
  • Personal Only the shifts and meetings in the user’s own schedule
  • Coverage (Usable only when Shift Cover has been enabled by an Admin.) Employees can see what shifts are available and post requestable shifts of their own. Admins can also review any shift-related action items they need to address.

Admin Team View

An Admin’s Team view
  • Shows all activity happening across the team, so everyone is in the know
  • Full color blocks highlight the feature in use at a glance
    • Shifts are Blue
    • Meetings are Green

Admin Personal View

Plan your day using the Personal view of your schedule. This view excludes any shifts and meetings you are not involved in, for a simplified view of the day ahead.

An Admin’s Personal view

Admin Coverage View

(Visable only when Shift Cover has been enabled)

An Admin’s Coverage view

All shift-related action items are summarized for Admins in this view. From here you can quickly handle the things that need your attention. You can also see which shifts are open to the team and post shifts yourself.

Non-Admin Coverage View

(Visible only when Shift Cover has been enabled by an Admin)

A non-Admin’s Coverage view

This view shows all shifts available for employees to pick up. Find out who on your team needs cover when you’re looking for extra shifts. You can also “Get Shift Coverage” from the this view to get a team member to cover for you.

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