How to Use Shift Manager

Use Crew’s Shift Manager to plan and build your shift schedule. (Questions? See What is Shift Manager?) Upload a pre-made schedule photo into your Crew calendar, and let Shift Manager help you optimize it. 

From the Team view on your Calendar tab you can manipulate a range of features, from shifts to meetings. Simply tap the “+” button to create a new entry, or tap an existing item to alter it.

Create new entries or change existing items

Key Concepts

Requestable shifts

New shifts can be assigned immediately to a specific team member, or left unassigned so that anyone in the Organization can request them. (See Note) A team member can also post one of their assigned shifts as requestable to get it covered by a coworker.

Recurring Shifts

You can also schedule a specific shift to repeat as often as necessary. Describe it once, then set it to automatically recur on your employees’ calendars daily, or weekly.

Assign Multiple People to a Single Shift

No need to schedule identical shifts for employees who all share the same job and time slot. Set up one shift and assign it to all those team members at the same time.

Shift details 

When you create a new shift you can specify many important details about it.

  • Name the shift, e.g. “Baker”
  • Fix the shift’s starting and ending dates and times
  • Choose how often the shift will repeat, if it does
  • Assign the shift to someone on your team, or leave it open to assign later when you’re ready


Use this screen to set the details of each shift. You may need to proceed to the next screen to set all details.

If you need to delete a shift, be sure to do so by using the filter icon in the top left corner of the shift screen. Deleting only the assignee will designate the shift as open, but will not remove it from the schedule.

Delete a shift from the three dots in the upper right of the screen

Progress Indicator Avoid scheduling overtime with the Progress Indicator circle. The ring around a team member’s profile photo gradually fills with green as that employee progresses toward a full, 40-hour work week. After 40 hours the ring turns yellow to warn you that they are now working overtime. You can even designate on which day that work week will begin from the Schedule settings screen. 

The green ring indicates how close this employee is to a full, 40-hour work week


Easily schedule meetings and invite your coworkers to attend them. You can also set those meetings to automatically repeat on your calendar (and on theirs) as often as you’d like.

Note Subscribers to Crew Pro can determine the permissions for posting new shifts—either Admin-only or open to anyone in the Organization. Some Admins like the collaborative aspect of allowing team members to create their own shifts; some Admins find that method chaotic and prefer to restrict permissions to a small group of managers. Even in an Admin-only system, team members can still post their own shifts to request coverage.

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