Customizing Schedules on Crew

Use Crew with your existing scheduling system or schedule shifts directly in the app

Every business is different; every business has unique scheduling and staffing needs. Take advantage of Crew’s time-saving tools to manage employee shifts and schedules—and do it your way. Crew allows you to customize the app’s Schedule feature to best suit your Organization’s requirements. Mix and match the options that will make your particular scheduling process as smooth and efficient as it can be.

Accessing the Schedule Features

From the Calendar tab, tap the Wheel icon and choose the “Schedule” or “Customize Schedule” option. From there you can enable or disable a range of options, adapting the feature to do what you want it to do. (You can also access this screen by going to the Admin tab and tapping the “Manage” button next to Crew Schedule.)

Customize your schedule by tapping on the wheel icon

Your Schedule, Your Way

If you have a scheduling system you’re already using, Crew can help you efficiently distribute it to the whole team.

  • Post a photo or PDF of a hardcopy schedule that your team members can access through the app. Subscribers to Crew Pro can restrict schedule-uploading capability to Admins only. See Note to “What’s Great About Shift Manager” below for more info.
You can easily upload a pre-existing schedule

If your schedule is fluid, requiring lots of alterations as employees trade shifts or take on different duties, you might prefer to do all your scheduling on Crew.

  • Use the Shift Manager tool to organize and manage shifts.
  • Build your entire schedule using an Excel spreadsheet, and then upload and sync that with your Calendar on Crew. Any fine-tuning the schedule needs can be done later in the Calendar tab. (Note Scheduling changes made in Excel will override any existing shifts in Calendar.)

Is a hybrid approach the best one for you? For example, you might draw up a static baseline schedule and then track any changes to it through the app.

  • It’s always an option to use Schedule Upload and then turn to Crew Schedule to handle changes like shift covers as they arise. Enable Shift Manager for even more optimization.

Don’t forget that you can also administer your Organization’s schedule from your desktop.

What’s Great About Shift Manager

While certain scheduling features are available to any Admin from the moment they create an Organization on Crew, enabling Shift Manager gives you even more control. Simply toggle on the “Shift Manager” button from the Crew Schedule screen.

Toggle the button to enable Shift Manager

Note Certain features are available as Admin-only permissions. Contact Crew Support for information about our Crew Pro product.


Here are some of the benefits of using the Shift Manager feature.

Customize your schedule features from the “Manage” Crew Schedule screen
Crew Schedule screen
  • Allow only Admins to add shifts to your Organization’s schedule—or extend this ability to all employees. You can turn this permission on or off. (Note This feature is only available to Crew Pro subscribers.)
  • Start your weekly schedule any day of the week. Select whichever day suits your business best.
  • Keep a history of your Organization’s shift schedules. Choose to keep them for 30 days or for a year. (Note This feature is only available to Crew Pro subscribers.)
  • Allow your employees to request shift covers through the app. You can also choose to require Admin approval for shift covers. (Note Crew Pro subscribers can choose to turn off Admin approval for shift covers.)
  • Review and approve time-off requests through the app. You can turn this permission on or off as well.

Crew understands that your schedule is unique, and that your organization might require more, or less, Admin oversight than another. Choose the method of dealing with shift covers and time-off requests that best suits your organization.

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