There’s no need to drop hints at work that your special day is just around the corner—your birthday is listed on your Profile page! It’s easy to add yours (or to delete it when you decide that you don’t want to blow out that many candles).

Here’s how to add your birthday to the Crew app.

  1. Go to your Profile screen
  2. Tap “Edit” or the Edit icon at the top of the screen or next to the “Details” section
  3. Tap “Add” in the Birthday line, set the appropriate month and day, and Ok it (the year doesn’t matter, as it won’t appear in your Profile)
  4. Tap “Add” again on the Birthday screen (iOS), or the Check icon in Android
  5. Tap “Save” on your Profile page, or “Submit” in Android

    Here’s how to add your birthday to your Profile

Your birthday will now be visible to the entire team on your Profile page. To access another team member’s Profile page, tap on that person’s photo in your Coworkers tab.

View your team members’ birthdays on their Profile screens

You can also remove your birthday from Crew by returning to the birthday calendar in your Profile screen and tapping “Delete” (Android), or tapping twice on the “X” on the date line (iOS), and saving your change.

Now get your answer ready for when someone asks you if you prefer chocolate or carrot cake!

Note Admins, you can send automatic birthday greetings on your team members’ special days with the Birthdays Add-on.

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