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Find coverage faster to keep your team fully staffed

Keep your team running smoothly by handling open shifts and covers in Crew. Admins can instantly broadcast open shifts to the team to get help fast, empowering team members to find coverage for shifts they can’t work. Team members can request covers from coworkers, anyone who is available to work can request to pick up a shift, and managers automatically receive notifications to review and approve changes.

The Crew Calendar is designed to accommodate schedule changes simply and smoothly, so that every shift is filled, and everyone is in the know.

Important Note The Shift Cover feature must be turned on by an Admin for an employee to post a shift to be covered. Shift Cover can be turned on through the Admin tab under “Crew Schedule,” or from the Settings wheel at the top of the Calendar tab.

Turn on the Shift Cover feature from here

Getting a Shift Covered

No matter how carefully planned a schedule may be, there are always going to be occasions when employees need someone to cover a shift they’ve been assigned.

Here’s how to get a shift covered

  1. From the Coverage view of your Calendar tab, tap on “Get Shift Coverage” or “Post Open Shift” (exact terminology may differ depending on your device)
  2. Describe the details of shift you need covered: position, start and end times, and any additional notes if necessary. Don’t forget to “Save” these details if your device requires it.
  3. Tap “Post” or the Check mark at the top of your screen

Everyone in the Organization will receive a Notification with all the details of the newly open shift and all open shifts are clearly listed in the Coverage view in the Calendar tab of every employee.

Here’s how to get a shift covered

Admin Note If you’re using Shift Manager to create your schedules in Crew, team members can see exactly what shifts they’ve been assigned in the Personal view of their Calendar tab. Then they can request coverage with the tap of a single button directly from a particular shift.

Getting cover for a specific shift with Shift Manager

Cover a Shift

Looking to pick up a few extra hours? Scroll through the Coverage view in your Calendar tab and you’ll see every open shift available for every date.

Shifts available to cover

Each block gives the basic details of the shift. Open the shift and request to be added to it with the tap of a button.

This employee has requested a cover

An Admin will then review the shift request, and approve or deny it.

Admin Approval

All of the Organization’s Admins will see every “Requested Cover” as an action item in their Team or Coverage views. Tapping the shift provides all the details of the shift and the people assigned to and requesting it. Tapping the employee’s request allows the Admin to confirm the shift assignment change, if they choose to.

Confirm a shift request from here

If the request is approved, the shift will automatically be added to the correct employee’s schedule and removed from the schedule of the employee who needed the cover.

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