All About Profiles

The Profile screen is where to go to establish your identity on Crew. Your profile will represent you as you interact with coworkers in the app, so it’s important to make it a professional one.

On the Profile screen you can add or edit

  • Your name
  • Your photo
  • Your birthday
  • Your position within an Organization

You can also see

  • All the organizations with which you’re connected
  • Any Gold Stars or “Thanks” you’ve accrued
This is what your Profile screen looks like

Getting to Your Profile Screen

To access the Profile screen simply tap your Profile photo from any tab

  • Android users: top right of your screen
  • iOS users: top left of your screen

Then select “View Profile”

Names and Positions Crew recommends that all employees use their actual names to represent themselves on the app, and not nicknames. The same goes for position names or titles. This practice helps maintain efficiency in communications and professionalism in the work environment.

When you first join the Crew app, your name appears exactly as it was typed in by the person who invited you, or as it appeared in their contact list. You have an opportunity to change the way your name appears when you accept the invite, or you can edit your name at any time by going to the Profile screen.

Note Admins cannot change their employees’ names within the app; an employee must change his or her own name through their own profile, if necessary.

Photos Crew recommends that all employees upload a clear, close-range, easily recognizable photo of themselves to their profiles. This photo will appear, along with your name, attached to all communications you make within the app. Chats, videos, announcements—it all works better, faster and more effectively if everyone knows who’s who, especially in large organizations where coworkers may not have much face-to-face time.

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