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Knowing team members’ work availability can help Admins schedule shifts efficiently, and many Admins already keep track of this information on paper. Crew allows you to automate the availability aspect, bringing the team’s information closer to your actual scheduling process.

Make sure to add Availability from the Add-ons list in your Admin tab.

Add the Availability feature from the Admin tab

Automatic Availability Request

You can choose how often an automatic Availability request will be sent out to your team—every six months or once a year—by tapping the “Manage” Employee Availability button in the Admin tab. Tap “Done” to save your selection. Select “Never” if you prefer to send out Availability requests at your own pace. Keep reading to find out how.

Choose your Availability request frequency

Using the Availability Screen

Once you’ve added Availability to your Add-ons, you’ll see the Availability feature as a line item in your Chats tab. Tap on it to access your employees’ scheduling info.

Availability appears as a line item in the Chats tab

You can also request Availability updates from your employees whenever you like from the same screen. Choose “Request from all” to get updates from the entire team—or select individual team members. Tap “Update” next to the employee’s name to send that person an Availability request (“Request via Crew”). You also have the option to input their information yourself by selecting “Enter manually.” Additionally, Admins can input Availability data on team members’ Profile screens using the “Edit” function.

You can enter an employee’s availability yourself or send a request

iOS users can also access their Availability requests from the Wheel icon at the top right of the Availability screen.

Note Adding the Availability feature for your employees on Crew will not in itself generate a request for them to update their information. To request Availability you must either

  • Tap “Request from all”
  • Request a specific employee’s information from the Availability screen, or
  • Request Availability when assigning a specific employee to a shift
Tap “Request” when assigning a shift to ask for the employee’s availability

Availability Requests—What Happens Next?

Availability requests made by an Admin come in as Notifications that drop into the app—or across a locked screen—reminding employees that they need to address this issue.

Note If an employee has their Notifications muted they will not receive the Availability request.

The Availability feature is a line item in team members’ Chats tabs, as well. (If an Admin has sent out a “Request from all” for Availability, this line item will rise to the top of all employees’ Chats tabs.)

The Availability line item in a team member’s Chats tab

When an employee taps on it they’ll be invited to compose a message detailing their work Availability. Formatting is suggested so they don’t leave out any important details!  Note Some devices may route an employee from the Availability line item to their Profile page first. Simply tap “Edit” next to the Organization name to see the Availability request screen.

Employee Availability info can be input here

Once they’ve saved that information to Crew, it will appear under their name when an Admin taps the Availability line item in their own Chats tab. The Admin can also find the same info on the employee’s Profile screen.

This employee has updated her Availability info


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